Join the PROTÉGÉ Program!


The PROTÉGÉ PROGRAMME is a programme to support the Malaysian Government's initiative to create a pool of competent, well trained, knowledgeable and skilled graduates through industrial attachment that will help them to attain relevant competencies that enhance their marketability and employability.

Solution Biologics Sdn. Bhd. ("SOLBIO") prides itself as a workforce of young people with grit and resilience to be the leading biopharmaceutical company. As PROTÉGÉ participants will form part of the next generation of leaders, it is essential for them to have a good attitude and high willingness to learn and being receptive to constructive criticism. It is highly favoured that PROTÉGÉs are quickly adaptable to new situations as well.

To increase marketability of fresh graduates, SOLBIO offers a 10 days soft-skills training program to the PROTÉGÉ participants which will be conducted by external professional trainers. SOLBIO offers PROTÉGÉ participants 8 days annual leave and 8 days medical leave as well as contributions to EIS and SOCSO. On the job training will be provided throughout the duration.

SOLBIO promote a culture of perseverance, personal discipline and determination towards achieving goals. PROTÉGÉ with attention to details is highly favoured in the industry where precision is key. Anyone who is self-motivated is also highly encouraged to be a part of the company.

Join our SOLBIO PROTÉGÉ team of young, fresh graduates from different disciplines and all walks of life to learn, grow and develop the right skills for the workplace!

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